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8 Cold Season Hazards Your Pet Should Avoid

Weather changes are more drastic now, making the cold months more unforgiving. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals encourages pet owners to be extra aware of the hazards that the cold season brings. Being aware of these dangers can keep your fur kid safe and healthy. Here are the eight winter hazards that your pet must stay away from.


1. Antifreeze Drips

Antifreeze has a sweet taste and smell. This is why pets have been known to lick them, causing life-threatening reactions. You can prevent this from happening by keeping them away from places where antifreeze collects. Driveways and garages are such places. Keeping your containers of antifreeze on high shelves and locked up can keep your dog away from this chemical. Washing your pet’s feet after walking on the street can keep them from licking possible antifreeze remnants.


2. Hypothermia

You can protect your pet from hypothermia by keeping walks short. Before you step outside, make your pet wear an insulating jacket or coat. Warm up a blanket or towel with a hair dryer on low mode. You can also use a hot water bottle to warm the blanket or towel. Wrap your pet in this warm towel or blanket when you get back.  


3. Salty Sidewalks

People often salt sidewalks to avoid slipping on them during the cold months. Salt may be helpful this way, but it can scratch or dry your pet’s paw pads. Other people use deicing solutions. These chemicals are also harmful to pets. Making your pet wear booties can protect their feet from these substances. Focusing on the walk by keeping your pet on a leash can prevent them from licking anything on your path.


4. Being Stranded

Always have a plan B if your plan A does not work during the cold months. Bad weather may prevent you from going home after a weekend getaway. Booking a stay in a pet-friendly hotel in your destination can ensure that you and your pet are safe and warm. Planning can prevent any situation from getting out of hand.


5. Dangerous or Toxic Foods

Winter is the season for holiday celebrations. Your pet might get into human foods or ingredients that are toxic to them. Onions, chocolates, yeast dough, and alcohol are toxic to them. Keep your pets away from these toxic foods by telling your guests not to feed your pets. Always keep an eye on your used dishes even while loading your dishwasher.


6. Candle Burns

Be careful when you light candles in your home during the cold months. Pets can be attracted to scent and light. They may try to smell them, which could cause respiratory problems or allergic reactions. Some of the ingredients can be neurotoxic or carcinogenic.

They could also touch the flames. This can lead to painful burns. Consider using electric candles instead. It is also best to blow out any candles if you know you are leaving.


 7. Car Engines and Hoods

Some pets will go to your car hoods and engines to stay warm. They could get serious burn injuries once the vehicle starts up. You can avoid this by honking your horn or banging your hood before starting your car. This can wake up your pet and prevent them from getting hurt. You can also keep your pets inside the house and away from the garage or driveway to keep them from any danger.


8. Carbon Monoxide

This is a colorless, odorless gas. It is toxic to humans and animals. Your generators and car exhaust give off this dangerous gas. Keep your pets out of your garage to prevent them from inhaling this gas. Bring your pet to the veterinarian right away if you suspect your pet has inhaled this gas.

Keeping your pet safe and healthy during the cold months is possible by removing their access to cold-season sources of danger. At El Paso Animal Urgent Care West, we always remind our pet parents to be extra careful during the cold weather months. Visit our facility in El Paso, Texas, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 915-301-0065 to ask about our cold-season pet care services.

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